A Honorable Mention

Exciting news. I have been honorably mentioned in the Assistants category for the 2014 APANY Photo Contest! Not entirely sure what a honorable mention means exactly (sounds like runner up) but my photo has been placed on the winners page so I'll take it! 

The photo is from an impromptu studio shoot I did featuring friend and body builder, Louie Guarino.  The shoot was planned and executed kind of last minute. I had the sketches in the book and the idea in my head but was waiting for a day to shoot it. One morning on a day off, I texted him saying I had the idea ready and jokingly asked if he wanted to to do it that afternoon (I was still in Newburgh). He said he could and so I quickly packed a bag, and raced down to the studio and we did the shoot. 

I love how the shot came out. Apparently, so did the judges. I believe this is a testament to going out and getting something done. I wanted to wait for the most opportune situation when I had the perfect lighting schematic but sometimes, you just need to go out and shoot.

Fuji Flow

I finally bought a Fuji x100s after months of staring at it online. I wanted a camera that was small enough to carry everywhere and yet powerful enough to take quality photos. A point and shoot with muscle. The little guy performs great. The built in 23mm (35mm equivalent) lens has a leaf shutter and can stop down to f/2. Its quiet, discreet, and everything I was looking for. Here is a sample of the images I took this week with it.